Of all the “grilling holidays,” America’s Birthday is surely the greatest! This 4th of July, try a Texas twist on some of the holiday’s classic dishes:

Hot Dogs
Whip up a batch of Bryan’s Screaming Red Sauce to kick up your hot dogs a notch. Anyone who likes spicy will love this twist on the dog!

Mix in some Riverbed Steak Seasoning with your hamburger meat for a savory flavor that accents your burgers. Call it a “secret ingredient” (we won’t tell!). It’ll have them coming back for seconds…and thirds.

Potato Salad
Well, Bryan’s done all the work for you on this one. Just follow this tried and true recipe for Bryan’s Red Potato Salad to be the king/queen of the picnic.

Corn on the Cob
Sprinkle some Sweet Chipotle Season-All over buttered corn before it hits the grill. You’ll love it!

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