Spiced Peach Amber Ale Glazed Jalapeño Stuffed Shrimp

Fresh gulf shrimp are a delicacy.  But when you add fresh jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon, and our awesome BBQ sauce they take on a whole different level of delicious. Preparing this dish is not extremely difficult, but by following my steps in this recipe you can be assured of a truly Texas taste sensation!

  1. Pick your shrimp- buy large shrimp that are translucent, have no odor but a fresh scent.     
  2. The jalapeños should be straight and firm.  When cleaning the jalapeños, rinse before cutting.  Always wear gloves if possible.  Cut the stem ½ inch from the top.  Slice the pepper in half long ways.  Using a teaspoon, scrape the inside and seed pod out.  
  3. Bacon:  I prefer to use a thin sliced center cut bacon.  The waste is minimal and it does not overtake the flavor of the dish. Set bacon out for 20 minutes to soften before opening.  Place a shelled and deveined shrimp on to a cored jalapeño half.  Start wrapping with the widest end of the bacon at the head end of the shrimp.  Wrap tightly.  When you get to the tail of the shrimp, leave tail exposed.  Pierce a round toothpick through the bacon, shrimp and jalapeño then cut off any excess bacon.  
  4. After all shrimp are wrapped, preheat the grill or light the charcoal.  When fire is ready, add a couple of applewood or hickory chunks.  
  5. Place the shrimp indirectly on the grill and baste with the Texas Gourmet Spiced Peach Amber Ale. Turn, and baste again on second side.  Close the grill and allow the smoke and heat to do their magic. 
  6. Turn after approximately 4-5 minutes and baste again.  Cover and repeat after 10-12 minutes.  When shrimp are done, remove from grill, transfer to a  platter, remove toothpicks for safety and cover with a piece of foil for 5-7 minutes to rest the shrimp.

Serve with brown rice or your favorite sides. Bon Appetit!

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